Lycans Logistics – An blockchain & IoT powered SupplyChain

The Lycans Logistics is the next generation of supply chain management system which is
powered by IOT and BlockChain. It is distributed, immutable and trustworthy platform for a
supply chain management system. It provides transparency and increases trust between the
participants. Lycans logistics can also be used for tracking the shipment by all the participants
that are involved in the system. It is also used for tracing any product back to its source. It can be
traced by any end user.

The participants demand a fast and efficient system. The proposed system will help in
eliminating all the drawbacks of the current system and also automate most of the manual work
the participants used to conduct. Also, as people demand something new and exciting to what is
already existing there will be addition of more features like Scheduler and Planner aimed at
enhancing and boosting shipment will to achieve more and set the target towards their goal.

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Vadodara,Gujrat,India, India

The main objective of the present invention to, The subject invention uses block chain technology to provide an underlying distributed,transactional, database for entitlement management. Embodiments of the invention may be used to create, and track entitled products and services, referred to herein below simply as entitled products. Entitled products may include software components and other intangible assets as well as tangible assets such as automobiles. The underlying block chain technology includes transactions, ledgers and smart contracts which together implement tag and tag management features and capabilities.The subject invention defines entitlement transactions between vendors and end-users of entitled products that are used to create entitlements, add-on features and capabilities to existing entitlements and to renewentitlements. Yet to other objective of the present invention, a mechanism, referred to as a container, which is used to link entitlement transactions in a blockchain, thus enabling tracking of use and status of entitlements. A container can be used to verify that product and service configurations requested by an end-user are within a vendor’s configuration guidelines.

Yet to other objective of the present invention, live tracking can easily done.

Other objectives of the present invention can be following:-

1) Strict authentication
2) Distributed and Immutable network3) Live tracking
4) Material tracing
5) Real time monitoring
6) Live broadcasting
7) Live notification

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